Raise a blue guy to the best bar on campus: KAM’S

Hail to the orange, hail to the blue, and hail to KAM’S

“KAM’s is KAM’s is home”, this drunken statement turned life motto describes the campus bar that is so close to every Illini’s heart.

It’s the perfect spot for celebrating your accomplishments, drowning your sorrows, or just enjoying the day. Whether it’s 3 PM after class or 10 PM on a Saturday, KAM’s at the University of Illinois is always a go to.


The familiar smell of KAM’s hits you two blocks away and the floors are always sticky with questionable liquids. The entire bar bears Illinois pride with dark blue walls and huge orange lettering. It has become such a big part of the university that taking a picture with their painting of Alma Mater with the signature KAM’s shirt is practically a graduation requirement.

On family weekends our parents get to see our new home, and KAM’S pulls out all the stops. They may not be impressed with our favorite watering hole but the complimentary pint glasses and crowd pleasing classics always win them over. By the end of your years here they’ll miss dancing to “Livin’ On A Prayer” with a Blue Guy in hand.

Photo courtesy of KLW Photography

Photo courtesy of KLW Photography

Not everyone starts out as a big fan of KAM’s, but its subtle charms win out even the most sober of its customers. Yes, your shoes are guaranteed to stick to the floor and the chances of finding toilet paper in the bathroom are slim. But KAM’s is basically a UIUC landmark, and the cheap drinks served by one of your classmates will help you forget about the little things.

You sympathize with those struggling on Wednesday because of a few too many margarita pitchers on Tequila Tuesday. And we’ve all suffered through the monster hangover that comes from mixing energy drinks, alcohol, and blue syrup. No matter how your night went, people can never stay away too long.

blue guy

Whether it’s dancing too hard to a Brittany Spears song or waking up with your bank account in the red, KAM’s will always get the best of you.

Many memories will be made, and many more probably lost, at the best bar on campus. From incoming freshmen to already graduated alumni, KAM’s will always be home.

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