Is Tiffany Trump coming to Harvard?

Hopefully this will finally make Donald proud

Donald Trump’s forgotten daughter Tiffany was spotted touring Harvard Law School yesterday.

“We were sitting in the lounge area in the student center, and I saw a tall blond girl walking through and I recgonized her,” a student told Politico.

Eyewitnesses spotted the 23-year-old with her Secret Service detail.

Shortly after graduating from Penn, her father’s alma mater, Tiffany posted about studying for the LSAT:


A photo posted by Tiffany Ariana Trump (@tiffanytrump) on

Throughout election, Tiffany has faced rumors that she is a second-class scion of the Trump dynasty, often appearing in the back row of campaign events.

A Fox News documentary which aired last summer mentioned in describing the family: “There is also Tiffany Trump, who keeps a low profile.”