Millions have signed this petition encouraging ‘faithless electors’ to elect Hillary Clinton

Here’s another chance to vote for Hillary

While it would be a long shot, millions of people have participated in a last-ditch effort to elect Hillary Clinton.

She won the popular vote, but only amassed 232 electoral votes to Donald Trump’s 290. These numbers assume every member of the Electoral College will cast their vote for the candidate who won their state.

But the electors, who will convene on December 19th to officially elect a President, are not required to do so. Any elector can vote however he or she wants, and the only penalty is a small fine imposed in some states.

This petition, created after Election Day, asks members of the Electoral College to do just that. In one week, over 4.3 million people have signed the petition, making it the most popular petition in the history of

The goal for the petition is set to 4.5 million signatures.

The letter attached to the petition says: “The Founders created the Electoral College to balance two important values: the will of the people, and the need for a President who is fit for office. Denying Mr. Trump the Presidency accomplishes both goals while violating no Constitutional principle.”

While the occurrence of faithless electors changing the outcome of a Presidential election would be an unprecedented feat, this election cycle has been filled with those.

It takes less than one minute to sign, and if you are part of the majority of Americans who believe Trump is unfit for the highest office in the land, using the power of the Constitution is worth a shot.