SLAM have left University Place, but HUDS negotiations are on-going

They were threatened with arrest

At 10:40pm this evening SLAM left University Place to the chant of “we love our students” from HUDS.

The largest congregation of Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM), since the HUDS strikes began were asked to leave University Place by the building manager.

The negotiations were supposed to end at 10:30pm, though at 10:22 pm, it did not seem as though they will.

The building manager asked that the occupying students leave by 10:30 regardless of whether negotiations have ended or not.

It was made clear to the students that if they did not leave after three requests they would be arrested.

Students leaving the building were greeted by cheers of “we love our students” from the workers, which were returned with “we love our workers” by the students.

SLAM were advised by Local 26 that they should leave without being removed, and they decided that was the best decision. They thanked SLAM for their support, saying they would not have gotten this far without their support.

Negotiations are still ongoing, and it is not clear whether or not they’ll come to a conclusion tonight.