Breaking: Harvard students walk out in largest numbers yet for HUDS strike

Around 600 students are taking part

Harvard students joined striking members of Local 26 for a second walkout today. Harvard Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM) and HUDS employees gathered in front of the John Harvard statue at 2pm, outnumbering the tourists who looked on.

A large procession – the largest one organized by SLAM – moved from the Yard to University Place, a Harvard administrative building located at 124 Mt. Auburn where administrators are negotiating with members of Local 26.

HUDS workers cheered on as only students entered and occupied the lobby of the building. A flu clinic is also ongoing in the same lobby, but the protest does not seem to be impacting it.

The Tab has heard the sit-in will last until 5 pm, at which time the negotiations will be over.

The union is currently preparing a counter proposal. They feel that Harvard has been putting their best feet forward since we occupied the lobby. The SLAM students said they are going to be here as long as it takes. Negotiations were scheduled to end at this time.

An employee on her way out just commented to the group: “This is effective. Keep it up.”

The strike has since been backed by the Boston Globe.