Only 64% of Harvard students would vote for Hillary Clinton

Red results for such a liberal college

Earlier this week, The Tab asked over 4000 Americans who they would vote for this November.

This survey was conducted according to Quinnipiac polling guidelines, and included almost 100 Harvard students.

Ironically for such a liberal college, these students were more pro-Trump than The Tab‘s national average; 27% of them were for Trump (compared to the national 20%), and only 64% were for Clinton (as opposed to the national 67%).

Third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein were practically overlooked. Like our average respondents, only 3% of Harvard students voted for Stein (not a lot of support for one of our own alumni), but only 2% of them voted for Johnson, who garnered 8% on our nationwide poll.

The gender breakdowns of our Harvard voters might explain these results:

There were more male respondents, and one-third of them were pro-Trump

Only one female respondent would vote for a third-party candidate

For such a vocally anti-Trump college, these are unexpectedly Red results.

We can only wonder whether these numbers will carry through to November 8th.