We got caked in the face by Steve Aoki

I can still smell the vanilla frosting

When I applied to Harvard I was surely expecting to get a degree after four years of studying here but never at any point did I expect to be dancing on stage with, and get a birthday cake thrown in my face by Steve Aoki.

When I found out DJ Steve Aoki would be performing at Harvard’s annual Yardfest music festival for spring 2016, I was thrilled! My goal, along with my friend Benjy, was to get a cake thrown in our faces, a tradition of Aoki at all of his performances. After hearing him drop a preview of his new beats featuring 2Chainz, I holstered Benjy onto my shoulders and next thing I knew, the crowd surfed him over the barricades and onto the stage. Dancing side-by-side with Aoki himself, I was eager to join, and thanks to the drunk guys next to me, I was able to get crowdsurfed and thrown onto the stage too.

Within minutes, the staff brought out 10 birthday sheet cakes. I’m talking a foot at least in width. One by one, Aoki grabbed the cakes and launched them into the crowds, exploding a vanilla mess onto guys and girls on each other’s shoulders, drunk out of their minds. And then came the big one. Aoki spotted me and Benjy on stage and before I could make full eye contact, he came running at us, cake in hand. Then BAM! He projectiled that cake right into our faces only a few feet away! Overjoyed and ecstatic, smelling of savory vanilla frosting, my hair gelled up by cake batter, we raged our faces off for the next 30 minutes along with Aoki and his groupies.

“Today was the best day of my time at Harvard,” Benjy said. “I got caked on stage by Steve Aoki at Yardfest. I can now graduate. Life is complete.”

In front of thousands of our fellow Harvard peers, we were chosen to be wrecked by vanilla cake by world-renowned DJ, Steve Aoki. I guess you can say it was a successful way to conduct the best senior spring.

PS: After a half hour of showering, I still smell like vanilla cake. Whatever was it in though tasted frickin amazing by the way.