Hands of Harvard: ‘Being a virgin, you can become a novelty’

‘I am put into this stereotyped box of super-Christian’

Hands of harvard

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“I guess in high school I would only hear about someone losing their virginity. By the time senior year came around most of my friends were still virgins. It seemed to be more common to be a virgin than not to be a virgin. But when I came to college all of my friends, who I had assumed were waiting, ended up having sex. I had always other-ized this idea, like everyone else was having sex and that was fine but my friends and I were always waiting for sex.

“And now I feel kind of weird being a virgin or saying that I am waiting for marriage. As soon as someone asks ‘Are you waiting for marriage?’ and I respond ‘Yes,’ then I am put into this stereotyped box of super-Christian, super-conservative, super prudish. When you are in a group of people who are sexually active and you are the person who is waiting to have sex, you become a novelty among the group.

“I was surprised when one of my friends – who I had wrongly assumed has had sexual interactions – told me that they are also waiting. All of a sudden my choice had been normalized and unconsciously reinforced by this other person and I thought ‘OK, maybe this can feel more normal than I thought.’

“I don’t necessarily fear general embarrassment from being someone who has not had sex. For me now there is less fear of the embarrassment overall but more of a fear that I will be too far behind the game and not know what is going on when something finally does happen. I have come to a change in my perspective because now I fear that I will wait to have sex with someone and they will be onboard with this decision but the sex will be very bad when it happens. I see sexual chemistry as essential to a healthy marriage and I don’t want to wait and realize I am not sexually compatible with this person.”