Hands of Harvard: ‘There is a lot of cultural pressure to fall into female roles’

‘Women are limited to the kitchen and to the house’

Hands of harvard

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“I see how hard Americans are fighting for equality and it saddens me because in the back of  my mind I am reminded how far behind other countries are. It’s saddening because we have to fight so hard for equality when women and men truly are equals… And this is where my faith comes in, because there are verses in the Bible that refer to man and woman being created in the image of God. I see this fight to emphasize this point here. But then I listen to my family members in Nigeria and the way they speak about the roles of women and men. There are things I have to bite my tongue about, ideas that I am supposed to be cooking, cleaning, taking care of the younger kids.

“When I was younger my parents divorced and as a result I had to become a mother figure to two young kids who didn’t know right from wrong. I had to do the cleaning, I had to do the cooking, I had to do the dishes. And I was confused because I am only two or three years older than my brothers but these responsibilities were mine because I am a woman.

“There is a lot of cultural pressure to fall into these roles. Rejecting these roles or speaking up against them are unimaginable. And that is what has affected me most, this limitation of women to the kitchen and to the house.”