Hands of Harvard: ‘I’m not voting for Hillary just because she’s a woman’

‘It’s degrading to disregard all the other facets of her political image and my decision’

Hands of harvard

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“Hillary’s experiences are inherently different than anyone who has been president in the past. And I don’t plan to vote for her just because she is a woman. I think it is insulting when people imply that, especially when women jump to that conclusion, because how can you assume that her only redeeming factor in my eyes as a voter is her gender? It is a major factor but I think it is degrading to disregard all the other facets of her political image and my decision… It is very empowering to imagine that a woman could be president. That’s not the reason I am voting for her, but in terms of how much sexuality and gender influences this decision, she has an individual and personal understanding of the female experience that no one else in the White House has had.”