Why I can’t wait for VISITAS

I’ve been dreaming about this since December

I’ve been waiting for VISITAS ever since December 15th, when I found out I was accepted into my dream school.

When I first read about it on the admitted students page, it felt a lifetime away. April was in half a year, and near graduation, which of course felt like it was eons in the future…but today is April 13th, and in two days I’ll be heading off to Boston to meet my new family – one which I will be a part of and will be a part of me for the rest of my life.

I am ecstatic! The schedule for VISITAS came out a few days ago, and I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I will be participating in some amazing events this weekend. From lectures and activities to meet-and-greets and symposiums, I can tell I won’t be bored. The only problem I’ve faced with the events is wanting to go to too many of them! It seems like the entire Harvard community is pitching in and coming together to make the new class feel as welcome as they can.

It shows how much the University cares about its students. I have not even been on campus, and I already feel the emphasis on love and community. Coming from a small all-girls Catholic school that was more a family than an institution, I value the sense of community that Harvard seems to have such an abundance of.

I am looking forward to finally having the full Harvard experience at VISITAS. This is not just a visit or a tour – I get the chance to be sitting in classes, living with students, and hearing professors teach. This weekend will be my first glimpse into what college will be like.

What I’m most excited for at VISITAS is to finally meet all of my new classmates. Since being admitted in December, I have spoken to many of my classmates through the Facebook page, the main group chat, private messages, and a South Florida admits group. I’ve even met a few of my peers through planned meet-ups. VISITAS will (hopefully) only bring us closer together.

New classmates

One thing that surprised me about my classmates was that although we were all so different (in location, hobbies, sports, interests, music tastes, experiences, etc.), we also have so much in common. For example, I just met someone who lives in Singapore and uses the same curriculum as I do. The other day, I met up with a few of my new friends unintentionally at a Silver Knight interview. VISITAS, and Harvard in general, is the perfect place to join our differences together through our similarities, and form a diverse and interesting multi-talented community.

I’ve been dreaming about this – the classes, the people, the campus – since December. In two days, my dreams will become a reality. I’ll be attending fantastic events, meeting my new family, and getting the Harvard experience that I’ve been waiting years for. VISITAS, here I come!