Harvard seniors have created the new Yik Yak

You can only join if you have a college email address

A new site has launched at Harvard allowing students to discuss college issues anonymously, and it’s called Campfire.

Created by Harvard seniors Karine Hsu and Jeffrey Zhao, Campfire is a campus discussion platform designed for students to talk about classes, campus issues, events, and share their thoughts about things that really matter to them.

Campfire has already seen a wide range of topics covered, ranging from course selections and current Harvard news, to the dank memes of Drew Faust and Rakesh Khurana.

It’s pretty much a blend of Reddit, Facebook, and Yik Yak:

A screengrab from the site

Founder Karine says she was inspired to create Campfire following discussions last semester about social spaces, Black Lives Matter, and the sexual assault survey results. She found a lack of a centralized platform to discuss these matters.

Karine told The Tab: “We saw many students attempting to start discussions in the form of physical town halls, Crimson op-eds and Facebook statuses, but wanted a way for students to talk with each other openly on a centralized platform dedicated only to Harvard students.

“Currently, the platform is open to students to post really anything – in the first week, we’ve seen many students start discussions about classes, career advice, and share funny videos and really bond like a community should.

“We hope students use this space as a way to discuss literally anything, and feel safe and open doing so.”

Just launching this week, the site has already garnered 500 registered users and it continues to grow.

Though Campfire is only available to Harvard students for the time being, there are plans to expand the service to other Boston colleges in the near future.

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