Welcome class of 2020: Early acceptance reactions

This is probably the biggest thing that’s ever going to happen to you

It’s that time of year again. As Harvard undergrads sweat coffee and bleed Red Bull in preparation for final exams, all across the country, ickle teenagers are delighted to receive their acceptance letter from the great Harvard University.

This post is for all you newly accepted Harvard students.

It seems just a short time ago that we were in your shoes, literally jumping for joy at the email. Here at Harvard, we’re also glad. We have our latest batch of pre-frosh, all ready to concentrate in comp-sci, government, or some pre-med track.

Plus, we freshmen now have someone to make fun of. Thank you for that. We also thank you for letting us see your happy faces because, as per usual with you young whippersnappers, you immediately posted your joy on social media.

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