Sophomore Claudia Laurie is changing the fashion world

From New York Fashion Week to Harvard

Australian native turned New Yorker Claudia Laurie is changing the fashion world from right here at Harvard.

The Economics major and Harvard College sophomore, 19, has already been able to volunteer at New York Fashion Week and work as an executive producer for Harvard’s own premier fashion show, Identities.

Not to mention that on any given day, she’s always one of the most fabulous-looking students on campus.

We caught up with Claudia to hear more about her work at New York Fashion Week and with Identities.


Claudia Laurie

How did you get involved in fashion?

Ever since I was three and won my first Barbie fashion design competition I knew I wanted to be in fashion. Throughout high school I did a lot of pre-college programs at FIT and Parson’s, which were more focused on design, however, through those programs I learned that I actually wanted to get into the business side of fashion.

I just felt like I would get so creatively frustrated if I wasn’t successful as a designer, and also I just had a general interest in economics and business, so that was the best way to integrate the two. It’s just something that I never get sick of.

What is it like pursuing fashion at Harvard?

It’s a bit tough because Harvard isn’t really known for fashion, especially compared to schools like Parsons and FIT, but there is a small population here that genuinely really does care about fashion.


So can you tell me about Identities?

Identities was a really great way for me freshman year to connect with the people who had all the same interests as me. It’s Harvard’s premier fashion show, and we have hundreds of people come each year in the spring. We collect clothes from sample collections that designers send to us, and we’ve had major brands like Nanette Lepore and Vera Wang and tons of others. Vera Wang has actually come to the show and we’ve honored her with an award, the same with bloggers. We’ve been featured in Elle, Women’s Wear Daily, Wall Street Journal, and it’s just a really great event.

What is your role in the show?

I’m one of the executive producers, and I’m in charge of the creative division.

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How did you get involved in Fashion Week and what was it like?

Well, I always look for opportunities to dip my toes into the fashion world, so I reached out to someone who works with fashion PR and producing shows, and because Fashion Week is always so crazy, they always need extra hands on deck, so I helped with a couple of shows. It was mostly getting the models ready, making sure all of the clothes were in order, making sure the models go to the runway at the correct times, and also social media. It was a crazy experience and very tiring, but it made me realize how much I love the industry.


Backstage at NY Fashion Week


Runway model at NY Fashion Week

What kind of projects are you working on?

I’m really interested in design coming from Asia. I spent a lot of time in Beijing, and a lot of designers there are so talented but they don’t really have the opportunity to bring their designs to America, so over this past summer I’ve been talking to a lot of designers there and I’ve been working on making an online boutique that will allow them to sell some of their clothes in the US. They have a lot of cool stuff that no one has ever seen before, and when I wear things on campus that I’ve gotten from there I always get a ton of questions about it.



What do you hope to do after you graduate?

I want to go into luxury brand management, so if I could get my foot in the door with a company like PVH, that would be ideal. Down the line once I’ve gotten some experience, I would love to start my brand and really focus on my own startup.

Rapid fire

Best on campus fashion trend?

Harvard really loves the Harvard baseball cap, which people wear with pretty much anything. And it works.

Worst on campus trend?

People, don’t wear pajamas outside of your dorm.

Song of the moment?

Drinkee by Sofi Tukker, which was made by my roommate’s friends.

Song that you’re sick of?

Downtown by Macklemore.

Dream Yardfest artist?