How to not burn the midnight oil but have good grades

To be or not to be a nerd

We all have been there, desperate on the day before an exam. We got the calendar at the beginning of the semester, and yet we never really managed to get around to it. So we appeal to a flask full of very black coffee, energy drinks or anything else that will keep us awake so then we can study everything in one go. As a consequence, we are exhausted during the exam and can’t remember a thing.

If you can relate to the scenario above, it is time for you to change your attitude towards exams. Burning the midnight oil isn’t bringing you great results for sure, except for a ridiculous amount of stress and panicking. But luckily, there are several ways to have good marks without going through it, such as these options below.

Do your homework

Believe it or not, the infamous homework is your best ally here. It will help you to keep the information you need to learn up-to-date in your mind, so you don’t need to review everything in one go.

Plus, it gives you the chance to identify things that you don’t understand and that you need to ask your teacher about or do further research. You also have an opportunity to memorize small parts of the subject instead of dozen of pages together.

Pay attention to your classes

This sounds pretty basic, but if we are all being honest here, we know that we don’t do it as often as we should. It is just a bad habit. But the fact is that paying attention to your classes will give you the opportunity to have a relaxed first contact with the topic and its particularities.

You will also have the chance to ask questions and to see your teacher doing examples that might be just like what you will find in your next exam – actually, many teachers give tips about what will be asked in exams during their classes. Meaning that, when the time comes for you to study for it, the topic won’t be news in your life, just more like a review.

Sleep and eat well

It is known that our learning process is only completed d over our sleeping hours. It is when we are asleep that our brain analyses everything that happened throughout the day and save whatever sound important to us. And in order to do it, it requires several vitamins, such as C, D, and the B complex, that will all have a relevant impact on our problem-solving, memory and other learning-related skills and abilities.

As a consequence, if you don’t eat or sleep as you should, you won’t be able to learn much, not even if you burn the midnight oil. And this one of things that you should know at this stage. But, anyway, the piece of advice here is that you stay away from crazy diets and frequent late nights if you want to improve your grades.

Find your own way

Each person has their own way to deal with studying. Some of them are more visual, others would rather take notes. Some people learn more in the morning, others in the evening.

You need to find your own way, trying a few different options and checking which one works better for you. And you can look for help on tops sites about learning, or asking your teachers and classmates, or even taking an online class about how to improve your learning skills.

In conclusion…

If you want to have good grades, you will need to improve the way you learn first. So you should certainly try these tips above so then you won’t be losing any sleep over an exam or a negative feedback.

Just remember that the topic you will have to study is just part of the game and that you also should prepare yourself to do the exam itself. And here is where feeling relaxed and rested will make the difference.

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