Finals are coming: The best places to cry at GT

Carefully picked locations for your crying pleasure

It’s that beloved time again – Spring. As the perennials bloom once again and arrays of colors fill Tech’s campus, the beauty is ignored by a majority of students that have already put themselves on lock down in the depths of the Clough.

It’s a stressful time, we know – and nothing de-stresses better than a good, old-fashioned cry.

But where? Look no further: your next cry sanctuary is listed right here.

 On top of Tech Tower’s ‘T’

It doesn’t matter how you got up there – Tech students do near-impossible things every day. What’s important is that you can get in the fetal position and get a good cry on our favorite gold letter.

Tech Brown (formerly Tech Green)

If you’re on campus this semester, then you’ve probably seen the vast dirt plains that have replaced what was once fondly known as Tech Green. What once homed soggy feet from flooding and hover plane hobbyists is now a dismal dirt pile. Embrace your sadness and plunge yourself into the mounds of dirt. Consider burrowing yourself and hibernate until the school year is officially over.

Giant hole in front of Skull House

That’s right – all your crying dreams have come true! Come hop in this several-feet-deep cry lair and wail your heart out. This comfy little bunker will provide an earthy, rustic feel for your pathetic sobfest.

The Green Route

You’ll have lots of time to let your tears flow on the long, mystery journey of the Green Route bus. Chances are you’ll be alone in your travels, so there’s no need to worry about being seen or heard. Safe travels!

Albert’s Lap

There’s really nothing like letting out your relentless despair in the cold, metallic arms of what appears to be Einstein slathered in mud. This popular (?) new edition to the middle of Tech’s campus is the perfect cry spot for when you’ve got a little time between classes to shed some tears.

Which fun location will you choose?

Happy finals week!

Georgia Tech