All the reasons students work in college

Show yourself and define your reason

Are you a student debating whether or not you should get a job? Have you ever wondered why students might work when they don’t need to?

Here are seven reasons students work. Perhaps you will see a few you’ve never thought of.

To help meet their financial needs

Because tuition and other education related expenses have soared in the past few decades, many students work simply because they have to. When parents are unwilling or unable to work, the financial pressure grows even more. Then there are the nontraditional students who are often working adults with families who simply cannot stop working in order to achieve their educational goals.

To gain experience in their field

Some students, especially graduate students, work when they are able to find a good job that will give them useful experience in their chosen field. Students who are able to find a job that relates to their area of academic concentration have a big advantage over students who don’t work or who work fast food or retail jobs.

To build up an employment history for use on resumes or CV

While many students begin working part time while they are in high school, it is not universal. In fact, many students go through high school and even much of their college years without working. Then, they realize that a lack of employment history is probably a negative thing when it comes to future employment prospects. So, they find jobs solely for the purpose of gaining experience to put on their resumes or CV.

To do something productive

Even when working is not necessary, many people have a drive to be productive and to contribute to the world around them. Many students  understand that being productive makes them feel useful and as if they are doing something positive in their lives. There is definitely something to this because lack of activity often leads to depression and other health problems.

To gain life experience

One interesting thing about the college experience is that it makes many students realize how sheltered they have been. This is especially true of students who leave home to attend schools in areas that are starkly different from where they were raised and educated. For example, a student  moving from a rural area to a big city, or student moving from the suburbs to attend school in a rural area. Getting a job can provide a new and unique perspective on money, people, and just life in general.

For social and personal connections

For someone who is extremely extroverted, the interactions they enjoy during school and social time may not be enough for them. Some students opt to get jobs simply because it gives them more time working with, helping, and interacting with other people. This is one of the reasons that many people, including adults and retirees, who don’t have a financial need to work still opt to keep their jobs.

Because they are passionate about something

Some people work simply because they find jobs that allow them to pursue their passions. For example, a student who loves fashion might work weekends and summers in a clothing boutique. Another might take on work at a community center because they love being around children. For other students, the work they do may not be their passion, but it might be what enables them to pursue hobbies and passions outside of work and school.

If you haven’t considered working, perhaps something on this list gives you reason to. Getting a job, even if you don’t need to, certainly has its benefits

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