BREAKING BAD: A Georgetown Law professor has been arrested for selling meth

His drugs came from Arizona

Jack Vitayanon, an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law, was arrested and charged on Wednesday with “conspiring with others to distribute at least 500 grams of methamphetamine.”

Vitayanon was buying methamphetamine and connecting other buyers with an unknown source located in Arizona, as early as 2014.

The cooperation of an intended customer with the Department of Homeland Security in an investigation of Vitayanon led to his ultimate arrest.

In early December, authorities seized a Federal Express package containing 460 grams of meth at a private residence in Oceanside, New York.

When the recipient was arrested, they allegedly told authorities they paid $8,600 for the package, and that Vitayanon had put the recipient in touch with the source in September 2014.

The recipient cooperated with Department of Homeland Security agents, and contacted Vitayanon to purchase an ounce of meth through video chat and text message conversations.

According to an affidavit, during a video chat on December 15th, “Vitayanon was observed in his Washington, D.C., apartment smoking what appears to be methamphetamine from a glass pipe.”

The following day, Vitayanon texted the recipient that he was packaging the meth, and requested a $1,650 bank deposit to his Chase account for “shipping and [his] Ubers.”

Authorities seized Vitayanon’s second shipment of methamphetamine to the original New York recipient in mid January. Both shipments totaled to three ounces of meth.

After being granted a search warrant, authorities seized drug paraphernalia, packaging materials, and drug ledgers from Vitayanon’s apartment.

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