What you could be spending money on instead of boring Georgetown fees

You could get 6.23 Bulldog puppies instead of accommodation 

If you, like me, missed NSO because of visa issues (I doubt it) let me start off with a shocking fact. All that awkward integration cost you five days of fun at Six Flags, or if you’re not into rides and would rather bond with your future best friends (or not) over alcohol –  the best ice-breaker let’s be real – you could’ve bought 15 litres worth of Burnett’s vodka, under the condition that your I.D is up to scratch.


The point is, whether you love Georgetown or not, you are being ripped off. Would you not rather substitute elaborate ploys to integrate with fellow freshman for free, good old fashioned circle time and $237 in your pocket? I know I would.

Here’s a chart of everything you could be spending your money on instead of an education:

Let’s ignore the full-time tuition cost because when it boils down to it, we are here for an education – otherwise we’d be somewhere like GW (kidding). It’s the minor, superfluous costs that feel like a knife through the stomach, although maybe it’s an incentive to start working out when you realise that Yates is costing you $420 per annum.

“The Yates Field House fee ensures access to Georgetown’s gym facilities and is mandatory for any student taking 12 or more credit hours.”


How nice of them, not only do they ensure our well-being but it’s also make in MANDATORY. The energy it requires to bring ourselves to get to class should surely mean we have the right to forfeit the gym?

Well it doesn’t. So if you’re the kind of person that wouldn’t be caught dead in Yates but does haunt Midnight Mug on the regular, you are being stripped of 179 Corp iced coffees, almost an academic year’s worth.


Then there’s the $158 Student Activity Fee. I know what you’re thinking…what on earth is that?

“The proceeds from this fee fund various activities throughout the year, including Georgetown Day.”

happy #georgetownday

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I don’t know about you but I’d ditch school sponsored Georgetown Day events (what even are they?) and some other obscure activities, that may or may not exist, if it meant a semester’s worth of weekly trips to the AMC. Nothing says ‘activity’ better than reclining chairs and vegging out in front of a screen for two hours.

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