What Georgetown students think about the presidential media coverage

It’s not been great

This election has certainly been unique with both nominees delivering their fair share of controversies. The media, however, has been without controversies.

Georgetown hosted a panel talk about the media’s coverage of the presidential election called “Hoyas Talk Politics: 2016 Presidential Race.”

The panelists included analysts on CNN or political strategists. They discussed the general public’s trust of the press, the treatment of Donald Trump as a performer instead of a political candidate and how the age of communication continues to transform.

We asked Hoyas if they think the media has been biased:

Camila Martelo


“I think the media has not done a good job of communicating what the candidate says. From a Latin standpoint, Donald Trump is completely off. This isn’t an election and it’s an IQ test for the outside public.”

Joanne Lewis


“The way the media covered Donald Trump is as an entertainer so there is bias there because it’s entertaining and it gets ratings. But this a serious event in our country that deserves serious coverage.”

Kayla Wimbush


“Depending on what network you pay attention to, there’s a media outlet for your political beliefs. There isn’t much objectivity in the coverage.”

Zan Gillies


“It’s been weird. There was so much focus on Donald Trump and that’s why he’s the nominee. But we are in a weird situation where one of the candidates is insane, but the media is treating it like a normal election.”

Jin Wook Park


“There was a lot of hate and negative perspective on Trump in the beginning. Now it’s towards Hillary’s illness.”

Duncan Hill


“I think they have done well under the circumstances. They have done a good job of reporting Trump even though most of what he says is unacceptable.”

Kacie Lazor


“The candidates give a lot of information for the media to cover. Since the candidates are so outspoken, the media can express their opinions as well. But overall, there is a lot more bias in this election than any other.”

Nakea Simon


“It’s so confusing. Are we covering politics in America or are we more worried about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump’s medical bills?”


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