Angelina Jolie will NOT teach at Georgetown

Brad is still welcome though

It’s not true. Unfortunately, Angelina Jolie, the professor of our dreams, will not be coming to Georgetown this fall.

In a statement a Georgetown spokesperson dismissed the claims that had us all high-fiving and fist bumping for joy yesterday.

It turns out, there are no current plans for Angelina Jolie to come to Georgetown to teach the one-year Masters course on Women, Peace, and Security.

Photo: World Economic Forum/ Remy Steinegger

Photo: World Economic Forum/ Remy Steinegger

The Hollywood and humanitarian superstar, however, will teach at our sister school, The London School of Economics, so the dream is still alive.

The Georgetown spokesperson, Rachel Pugh said, “there are no current plans for Angelina Jolie to teach at Georgetown.”

The rumours stemmed from a, now debunked, article in Us Weekly, which sparked a flurry of excitement from Hoyas around the world.

Lara Croft marathon anyone?

Feature image: Gage Skidmore

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