Just a list of the hottest Georgetown government professors according to ratemyprofessor

Vote for your teacher bae

Jay-Z’s nephew considering playing basketball for Georgetown

Patrick Ewing is a big reason why he’s leaning towards playing for the Hoyas

Meet this campus prankster who interrupted a Georgetown Med school orientation

The best way to break the ice is by letting everyone know you like clapping cheeks

Tiffany Trump to attend Georgetown Law this fall

She’s the third of Trump’s children to attend the University

Anti-Semitic graffiti found at Georgetown Jewish Center

‘Together we condemn acts of hate and celebrate our global community’

Georgetown considering former Hoya Patrick Ewing for head coach position

‘He’s the perfect guy for the job. He’s the greatest player in Georgetown history’

We spoke to the Georgetown Islamic Studies professor accused of condoning slavery and rape

‘When Alt-Right folk bombard you and your family with death threats and rape threats, it takes a toll on the body and spirit’

Vogue shows they have no idea what diversity is by dressing Karlie Kloss in yellow face

The verdict is in: Karlie Kloss is kancelled

Twitter is roasting DC Police Department over an, actually quite fire, viral meme about traffic lights

I’m not a regular police department, I’m a cool police department

We tried blending our foundation with a condom and it make us glow like a queen

It felt like doing make up with a micro penis

QUIZ: Can we tell how ‘Georgetown’ you are?

You’re wearing boat shoes right now, aren’t you?

Georgetown’s Dean & DeLuca has been closed due to a rodent infestation… again

If I’m paying 7 dollars for a grapefruit, it better not come with a side of rat feces

BREAKING BAD: A Georgetown Law professor has been arrested for selling meth

His drugs came from Arizona

BREAKING: A suspect has been identified and CCTV footage released in the kidnapping of a Hoya

The victim is safe, but the suspect is still at large

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Breaking: A Hoya was kidnapped in Georgetown and forced to withdraw cash

Police are searching for the suspect

Dylann Roof’s death sentencing isn’t a sign of hope

We still have to remind people black lives matter

Here’s what it’s costing you to skip that 8am lecture

You’re giving up a lot more than you’d expect…

‘Twas the night before finals: A poem for stressed Hoyas

‘I have to catch up on all this reading. It’s definitely a dub. Is it too late to consider working in a strip club?’