How playing an intramural sport has contributed to my college experience

IM’s through FSU has brought me back to my passion

Playing intramural sports at FSU is a blast– IM’s give you the opportunity to get out there and have fun, while meeting new people and staying active. For me, IM soccer has been a great way to hang out with friends and more personally, reconnect with a sport I played in the past.

Participating in IM soccer is both nostalgic and rewarding, because it’s the sport I grew up playing and grew a passion for very quickly. As a kid, I started out in a recreational league, grew attached to the game, and moved on to club teams, where I focused on developing my skill and taking my game to the next level. I brought those fundamentals into my middle school team, and then later my varsity team throughout all of high school. Even though college soccer was an option for me and I had dedicated so much of my time to the sport, I was willing to put it on the back burner in order to focus on my future education. When I realized I wasn’t going to play in college, I saw a better opportunity: Receiving a distinguished degree and higher education, while continuing my passion on the side as an outlet for stress and as a simple pleasure. Being that FSU has competitive sports ranging from IM to club and collegiate, I knew there would be a place here for me to exercise my fervor for the sport.

IM’s through FSU has brought me back to when soccer was my entire life and my passion–the days I spent training every day and competing every weekend–and given me the opportunity to to relive those glory days.

My first two years of college, I was in a sorority that offered IM soccer, so I joined the chapter’s IM team, and found it was a great way to let loose and compete with my sisters and against other chapters. The next year, I reached out to a fellow sister who I knew played IM soccer outside the chapter in a co-ed league. When I joined this team, I was further reminded of how much I missed the sport– the comradery, the exercise, the feeling– and since then, I have always played IM’s.

What is cool about FSU IM’s is whether you are stepping onto the field for the first or the millionth time, you are out there just to have fun. You can be competitive and bring advanced skill and commitment to the game if you want to, but all levels of skill are welcome and accepted. The energy that fills the field can be felt regardless of experience, because you build a unit with your team between practices, games, and playoffs, that does not go unnoticed.

What’s also great is the option to either form your own team with people you know, or join one with people you don’t. IM’s are a fun way to meet new people, especially during your first year at school, or stay close to your friends. Now, a new team I play on with my current roommate is filled with people I did not know previously; however, it has been nice to meet different players and share our love of soccer. It’s cute that you can come up with your own team name, too.

If you want to relive the memory of playing a sport from your childhood, get exercise, strengthen friendships, or meet new people, joining an IM team–whether it’s soccer, softball, or even dodgeball–is something that adds to your college experience both on and off the field.

Florida State University