The best and worst things about living alone in college

You’ll never have roommate drama

If you’ve experienced living with roommates, you have probably considered living alone at least once. This is my second year living by myself and lately, I’ve been reflecting on all of the things my first year on my own taught me—things that would have been nice to know before taking the plunge. If you are seriously considering it, here are some of the best and the worst things about living solo.

The Best

All the dishes in the sink are yours

You don’t have to move other people’s dirty plates out of the sink to use it now—you just have to move your own, which is way less annoying! Even better, once all of your dishes are done, the sink will still be empty when you get back and the garbage disposal is only broken when you break it.

You control the volume

That’s right—no more politely texting your roomies from your bed after midnight when they’re in the front room livin’ it up and you’ve got an 8am. If you’ve had an extra long day, you can look forward to going home to your cozy, tranquil apartment to unwind. And if you’re feeling particularly nostalgic, you can crank your embarrassing throwbacks loud enough to hear throughout the entire house.

You don’t have to consult your roommates about any house decisions

That’s all you, boo. If you want to crank up the thermostat, go for it (but maybe just this once, because that bill is all you now, too).

Your food never disappears

You won’t be pulling a mysteriously empty box of Cheez-Its off of your shelf anymore, unless you suddenly catch amnesia—which could happen, if you had a few too many and no one is there to remind you that you cried and ate an entire box of Cheez-Its in one sitting the night before.

You get to decorate however you want

There’s nothing better than binging HGTV shows and building a Pinterest board of inspiration for your new home. You now have more room to display artwork and knick knacks that truly represent your personality. Go crazy, it’s your space!

You can look like absolute garbage all day, and not have to worry about strangers walking in unannounced

Bust out your most raggedy PJs or ditch your pants completely. Sprawl out on the couch and bask in the glorious feeling of complete privacy. Your home is your haven and you can be as disheveled as you want to be.

You'll have zero roommate drama

If you hate confrontation, you’ll love living alone. Say goodbye to passive aggressive notes and tension filled rooms. No roomies means no drama. You can live comfortably and vicariously through MTV’s latest reality series.

The Worst

You’ll have no money, honey

You are completely on the hook when it comes to costs. Spontaneous Target hauls pose a serious danger to your bank account—now more than ever. The home decor section is especially dangerous when you have your own place. Limit yourself to the dollar section and get out of there before it’s too late.

You can’t watch true crime shows without reevaluating your choices

Living alone is scary business. You watch one episode of Criminal Minds alone and your brain instantly assigns every house-settling noise to the sound of a robber coming through your door. Pepper Spray is a mandatory household item when you’re by your lonesome all the time.

When it’s just you and that big ass spider on your ceiling

You can’t depend on the bravery of your roommate anymore. Throw on some oven mitts, guard your face, and grab the broom. It’s your turn to throwdown with Spidey.

It can be lonely af

Probably the biggest con: No more roomie hangouts. It’s just you and Spidey (who you’ve decided can stay, so long as he stays in his corner on the ceiling).

Friendships take more effort to maintain

It’s a lot more difficult to nurture and maintain friendships when your besties are no longer right outside your bedroom door. Hanging out with your pals requires actual coordination now and learning which parts of their schedules correlates with yours. It’s also a lot easier to opt out of going out when your cozy and vegging out at home. Getting out of the house becomes a conscious effort.

All of the chores are assigned to you

No more chore charts. You are fully responsible for cleaning your hermit hole on a daily to weekly basis. It’s your job and yours only to make sure your place doesn’t appear on the next episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive.

With all of that in mind, knowing what I know now, I still would have taken the plunge and signed that solo lease. Living alone has been a key component in my person growth in the last year. Though daunting and full of its downfalls, it forced me to act more like an adult, get to know myself on a deeper level, and put more love and hardwork into my relationships. It’s kind of like an overdue break up—a totally necessary emotional rollercoaster that you come out of as a bigger and better person.

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