Things every FSU senior must do before graduating

Because SYFI

“Senior Year, Fuck It” is the motto these days.

With graduation so close, it is only natural to think about what being a senior means and all the things still to come during our remaining time at FSU. Graduating is exciting, yet scary, because it means leaving Tallahassee for a new place, but it also means adulthood is officially here– And who wants that?

So before the pre-graduation anxiety takes over, here are a few things that every senior absolutely must do before leaving Tallahassee for the “real world,” or wherever:

Make Doak your bitch

Use the stadium as your gym! Do a workout (or three) at the stadium, because Spring break bod season starts now. A stair workout at the stadium would be pretty cool, not to mention effective, since as of 2018, Doak is one of the top 20 biggest college football stadiums!

Also, it beats waiting for a StairMaster at the Leach or running into everyone you know at Top Dog.

Go to the circus

The students in the Flying High Circus are incredibly talented and put on a dramatic show. Only one other university in the U.S. has its own circus, so it would be special to go see them perform. Going to a circus isn’t something you can see often and the tickets are free for FSU students!

Tickets are available in February, so here’s the Spring performance schedule now so you can plan your appearance.

Be a sports fan, not just a football fan

Going to a school with Division 1 sports is awesome, because it means all our teams are exciting to watch and exceptionally competitive. It’s senior year, so attend a soccer game or a track meet, or any other Seminole sporting event, and show the support all the athletes deserve. Hello seniors, our swimming & diving teams just brought home four wins this past weekend! Get out there and find a game you are interested in!

Visit Maclay Gardens

When you leave the FSU campus area, the outdoors of Tallahassee are worth appreciating, but you would never know beyond the brick buildings! Maclay Gardens is a Tallahassee gem, with a brick pathway leading through beautiful flower gardens alongside a stunning lake. What makes

this place so special is the reflecting pool in the garden, and the view it casts of the lake in the background– But go and see for yourself.

Ace the semester

Getting an “A” in college is a hard thing to do, but a satisfying goal to set and accomplish. Take your last few classes as opportunities to earn A’s, especially for those future grad students out there. So why not end college with a bang, ace the semester, and leave FSU knowing you gave it all you got.

And if all else fails, you can always take a victory lap.

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