Why living in College Town is the best worst decision you could make

Convenience, please!

College Town is one of Florida State’s newest and most up-and-coming areas to live and socialize in. Madison Street is lined with delicious, trendy bars and restaurants, and thanks to apartments like Catalyst and Stadium Centre, you can literally live where you eat and shop. College Town definitely has its ups, but this hotspot has its downs, too.

Convenience, please!

First and foremost, College Town is prime real estate. You are close to campus, and the money you splurge on rent, you save by not necessarily needing to have a car. You are close to the restaurants and bars, Madison Social, Township, Coosh’s, Tin Lizzy’s, Centrale, and whatever the fuck you want to consider Sun Stop. (Seriously, how have we existed without it? That place has everything, literally 24/7.) There is always something going on, like block parties on game day weekends, First Fridays at Railroad Square, and football games at the stadium, that you can easily walk to.

Game days have never been better until you’ve lived in College Town and can go out on your balcony to pop champagne and lift the spirits. Even though it’s been a rocky start, the boys have really gotten it together, and we could actually be a football school again! Walking to fraternity houses and friends’ apartments is so quick, and avoiding game day Ubers is a game changer, no pun intended, considering the surcharge can be up to seven times the average rate.

And of course, you’re close to your classes too.

When Recess is your backyard

Not going to lie, the traffic in and around College Town on game days is enough to make me question living in the middle of the chaos. There are tons of people stumbling through the streets, and traffic is everywhere because there are many different roads blocked off.

The noise is another downfall— Between Cess’ pool party music on Sundays and never-ending building construction (subtweet to the Forum builders on Woodward and Pensacola)—It is almost impossible to find any quiet time to sleep, let alone study. Parking is also a problem— if you do have a car and live in College Town and your apartment complex, cough, cough, Stadium Centre, has an outrageous monthly parking fee, there are limited spaces in FSU parking lots and garages.

And we all know how we feel about finding parking on campus. What College Town lacks in peace and quiet, it makes up for with its best quality— convenience. And when you’re hungover, a five minute walk for bagels makes all the difference.

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