An FSU student’s guide to a dog friendly Tallahassee

Here’s how to survive the Summer with your best friend

There's no denying that FSU students love dogs, and Tallahassee has some great activities and locations that are perfect for a Sunday morning adventure with your pup.

With Summer right around the corner people are going to have more time to spend with their dogs. Here are some ideas of how you can spend these sunny days with your pup.

For those who like to party

Obviously, going out is a part of FSU's culture, but it's ten times better when you're surrounded by doggo's. Gordos, Township, and MadSo are the perfect place to grab brunch, a drink, and have your best friend there along the ride.

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Gus loves a good Gordos Smash!

Hiking is a habit

Landis is a prime location for some excellent dog spotting, but Tallahassee also has great trails and parks around. They are dog friendly and lend themselves to be the perfect substitute for a lack of backyard. Here are some favorites:

Mission San Luis

Dogs tend to love the great outdoors, and Mission San Luis is the perfect place to become one with nature. It's close to campus and is an ideal place to take your pup before he gets a bath. Disclosure this park can be very dirty so bringing a towel to protect your car is suggested. *Warning there have been ticks found in the forest area*

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Luna having a blast at San Luis Mission Park

JR Alford Greenway

Some dogs like their alone, just like their humans. This makes JR Alford Greenway the perfect Sunday morning getaway. It's a bit of a drive outside of Tallahassee and is about 1,000 acres of trails and park.

Kota taking a break at Greenway Park

Governor's Park

Endless fields of grass are just what your furry friends need after being inside all day. It is not overcrowded so if your dog is not the type to play well with others this might be the perfect place for you!

Luna playing fetch as Governor's park

Carabelle Beach

Carabelle Beach is one of the few completely dog friendly beaches in the greater Tallahassee area, along with Alligator point. Its sandy white beaches are a nice getaway for not only your pupper but you too! Soak up the sun with your best friend, and don't forget to pack a water for you and your best pal. And as you can see below it also lends itself for a great photo shoot.

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Blue striking a pose on Carrabelle Beach

Where shopping is a pleasure

If you like to shop 'til you drop but hate leaving your little guy or gal at home, there are plenty of pet friendly stores. Michael's craft store and Marshall's are both dog friendly, and don't forget to swing by Starbucks on your way home to get a puppuccino!

For those who don't want to stray too far from home, FSU's campus has a lot to offer. Langford Green (in front of Doak) and Landis are nice areas to play fetch. And the porch of Sweetshop is the perfect place to get your homework done with your companion by your side. Finally, Cascades Park is on the smaller side, but it's a nice 5 minute drive from campus along with Lake Ella over on Monroe Street.

Berkeley sippin' on a puppuccino

Try out some new destinations this weekend, or even this summer, and truly get to know what Tallahassee has to offer for man's best friend!

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