Students call for intersection change three months after senior’s death

The petition has over 100 signatures so far

Students at Florida State University have introduced a petition calling for a red light or stop sign at the intersection of West Call and Chapel Drive, three months after FSU senior Andrew Sun was killed in an accident there.

FSU senior Kelsey Lindley says she contacted The City of Tallahassee in November, almost immediately after the accident, to try to get the intersection changed.

"I want the city to realize that this is a problem that could be easily fixed, and could potentially save lives," she said.

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Lindley says the accident could have been prevented if appropriate precautions had been taken. "Driving through that intersection sickens me because I mourn the loss of Andrew, but also I think about how there is a chance that this could happen to someone else."

The city initially promised to conduct a traffic study, but quickly stopped returning her calls. Lindley then created the petition in order to spread awareness and get the community involved.

"If the City of Tallahassee won’t listen to me, maybe they will listen to 100 of us. I hope to increase the number of people that have signed this petition, possibly get in touch with a state representative, and force the City of Tallahassee to hear my opinion, and help make the intersection of W Call Street and Chapel Drive more safe by adding a stop sign or a red light."

The petition has over 100 signatures so far. You can sign it here.

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