Image consultant invited to speak at KD says their scantily dressed posts on the Internet are ‘vulgar’

‘lose the trash and up the class’

The beginning of a new year is a time reserved for casting out bad habits, shifting perceptions, keeping resolutions and altering ourselves for the better.

That is, however, unless you are Kappa Delta and the old habits involve slut-shaming. It’s 2018, and apparently, it’s still not okay for women to exist with breasts. Who knew?

On Monday the 22nd, Kappa Delta at FSU hosted image consultant and Florida State alumna┬áSusan Bigsby, an event that was booked way back in September (read: before Greek Life took a major blow in the wake of Coffey’s death) in order to enhance the members “personal brands.”

Bigsby told the girls it was time to start their “personal brands,” because apparently that only starts once you’ve been humiliated for your clothing choices. Such comments as “We have lots and lots of boobs; Florida State, Florida State, Florida State” indicated she was specifically attacking any female sexuality on display.

Curiously, Bigsby chose not to mention Thrasher’s ban, or how to safely navigate Greek life in light of Andrew Coffey’s death, or how to eloquently engage in an open dialogue with critics of sororities and fraternities. Instead, she focused on reminding these young Seminole women that their value is intertwined with their perceived social modesty. Who cares about social peer pressure or alcohol safety when you posted pictures at MadSo brunch that have some cleavage? My GOD, what an absolute catastrophe! Time for a makeover.

The day of KD’s event, rumors circulated across the student body that none other than Megyn Kelly would be present for the meeting, an obvious push of encouragement for all of the members to be in attendance. Regardless of political affiliation, Megyn Kelly is someone to be admired for her continued tenacity as a journalist and brazen approach to call out those that seek to skew the truth.

Sadly, the women who were excited to meet the prominent persona of Kelly, who shed light on her former place of employment for their uncharitable and harmful treatment of women, were instead presented with a woman who believes sexuality shouldn’t be embraced unless you’re doing it for a multi-billion male-dominated industry that uses you as a pretty prop without actually giving you a voice.

Between Bigsby’s powerpoint slide presentation that probably could have been executed by any of my eighty-year-old professors were images contrasting the Miami Dolphin’s cheerleaders (also her clients) with images of women in FSU apparel and daisy dukes. According to Bigsby, the cheerleaders represent women who are sexy, intelligent and don’t allow themselves to be objectified (apparently, the sisters do though).

NFL cheerleaders? Really? When was the last time you heard of an NFL cheerleader engaging in a discussion post-game? When the cameraman zooms in on their faces (of immaculately applied lipstick might I add) is he also popping in to ask her opinions? Women don’t choose to be objectified Susan, if it were our choice it’d never happen. While I am positive all of the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders are capable, hard-working, and intelligent women- there is no outlet for them to truly express that intelligence and charisma. They are the undervalued female components of the NFL and yet they are paid an pathetic average of $2.75 an hour and make less than $1,300 per season.

I don’t think you should be setting the goals for young women so low, and I don’t think you can wrap up internalized misogyny in a chic designer cardigan and call it a personal brand.

Florida State University