I watched the first episode of Neighbors and Friends so you don’t have to

I’m just an Olo Moe looking for his Olo Megan

Fall 2017 has been one big L for Florida State University. First we lost our quarterback. Then the Greek life ban hit us and Coach Fisher dipped out like a deadbeat dad.

Personally, I lost all hope sometime between Coli closing and when Solange screwed us over for Homecoming.

But then something amazing happened. "I'm Shmacked" creator Yofray Ray came to the rescue and just barely saved my senior year. On Sunday, the first episode of his new show "Neighbors and Friends" dropped on YouTube and I cannot get enough of it.

The slightly anticipated reality TV show stars "elite" FSU Greek life students who call themselves the "Olos." Don't ask them why, because they won't tell you.

Urban Dictionary, however, will tell you the Olo means "cock and balls" or "out loud orgasm."

The first episode —"BOYSNIGHT"— had me sold. This one's worth watching. Yofray does an excellent job of making Tally look about 15 times cleaner than it actually is, and the Olos do their best to get Tallanasty. We watch as a pregame for Mandatory Makeout Monday at Clydes falls two steps short of an orgy…

Much like MTV's Jersey Shore cast, the Olos are slammed together in a tight, alcohol-ridden environment. No rules. No restrictions. No excuses.

Yes y'all, it's lit.

As with any reality TV show, it's the characters that make the plot line (with help from the producer). Take a look at who's who in "Neighbors & Friends."

Olo Moe

Pending your opinion on cocky douche bags, you’re either gonna love or hate this guy. To me, the kid’s a savage.

He's no role model but dammit, he’s fun to watch.


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Conor’s the nice guy. He's always calm, always cool and probably drunk. Every squad needs a Conor to keep the energy in check.

He’s quiet now but let’s not forget, he’s an Olo.


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Ahhh, alcoholism at its finest. Always down for the next round, Andrade usually finds himself right in the heart of the action. If he's not at the pregame before you are, don’t sweat it.

You’ll probably hear him before you see him.


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He might be a pretty boy, but he’s never scared to get ugly. Great on his good side, but the bad side? Not so much.

Catch him poolside with a baddie, a speaker and a skinny bottle of Ciroc.


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They call her the “Head bitch of the group," and it's not for kicks and gigs. Megan keeps it all the way 1k, like it or love it. Don’t ever expect her to back down from a chance to share her opinion. She runs the show and she knows it.

So far at least.


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Maci is Megan's little sister, but she refuses to be overshadowed. She’s made her own name in this town and it's best not to forget it. She’s nice, she’s sweet and she’s down for a good time.

Just don’t piss her off.


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Chelsea’s an easy crowd favorite. She's a wild child with lips, hips and whole lot of attitude. At FSU I can’t say it’s unexpected but, you know.

Stereotypes are always fun.

Stay tuned for Episode 2…

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