Video shows members of Pi Kappa Phi punching FSU kicker Ricky Aguayo

The altercation was allegedly over missed field goals in 2016

Video posted by TMZ has recently emerged that shows Pi Kappa Phi fraternity members assaulting Ricky Aguayo over missed field goals in the 2016 football game against the Gators. Aguayo kicked three goals that game and missed two, FSU still beating UF 31-13.

Aguayo told police that he was walking by the frat house at around 3 am on December 2nd, 2016 when he began getting pestered about his performance during the game. Aguayo claimed he was jumped by several of them, police reported that there was blood on his face and they ripped his shirt, the swelling on his face was consistent with being punched.

Aguayo called FSU tight end Ryan Izzo to help him after the altercation. Police noted that both Izzo, 20, and Aguayo, 19 at the time, were drinking.

In February, allegations arose that the players burglarized the house and ripped the house turtle named "Turntle" in half. These accusations have been unfounded and the two have not been charged with either offense.

FSU's Pi Kappa Phi chapter has been under investigation for a series of reports traced back to deceased pledge Andrew Coffey and several drug incidents in November. President Thrasher has since suspended all Greek life activity at FSU.

Ricky's brother Robert is also a former FSU player who was drafted to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he is mentioned in the brawl video as a means to incite Ricky.

At this time, no comment has been issued by Florida State officials.

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