A Florida State student’s guide to senior year

You’ll need it

This is it. Your last chance to dance in the Westcott Fountain. Your last chance to meet the person of your dreams and sweep them off their feet. Your last shot at that one ridiculous goal you set for yourself after a drunk walk home from Recess your freshman year.

But none of that matters right now.

Senior year is just a two-semester stretch between false adulthood and the real world. The last three years have been amazing, but it’s time to take things to the next level, literally.

Here's how you can survive your senior year at FSU.

Commit to your career

Let’s face it: Your GPA is pretty much set at this point. Two straight A semesters definitely won’t hurt, but time lost in a job search could be deadly. Your senior season is a great time to dig deep and reconsider your priorities.

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Go to the Career Center! You are currently paying for a team of professionals devoted just to preparing for us the job market. Get your money’s worth.

Make a website. It can be a massive time-commitment, but I’d say your personal brand is well worth the effort.

Build connections. Most companies are hiring on an as-needed basis and will fill any unexpected void as quickly as possible. Reaching out and being known can be a difference maker when the time comes.


Senior year is the perfect time to get, as they say, “in your bag." Focus on you! You’re about to be tossed head first into the real world and dammit, you shouldn’t miss a step.

Get yourself a passion planner and organize your life. The only thing better than getting things accomplished is striking through it on a check list.

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Try picking three aspects of yourself that you really want to change, and set 3 goals for improving each of them. Do just one of those mini-goals each day and watch how quickly you blossom.

And of course, hit the gym! FSU legend Deion Sanders said it best, “Look good, feel good, play good." It's self-explanatory.

Count your blessings

This one’s probably the most important. In the heat of a busy week it can be extremely difficult to remember that, simply by virtue of your being here, you’re actually among the luckiest people in the world. And, regardless of your explanation, that's totally out of your control.

Out of every human being who has ever walked this planet, you’re in the 0.000000000000012% of lucky bastards who’ve had air conditioning and wifi. Lucky you!

No matter how many L’s you’ve taken in life, you still have one.

And of course, you go to the Florida State University. 'Nuff said.

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