Jimbo Fisher supports players’ right to kneel during the anthem

‘Each player has their own choice’

On Monday, Coach Fisher was asked how he felt about the recent NFL protests, even though college players are not on the field for the national anthem.

He told Tomahawk Nation that while he doesn't try to get caught up in that, he would address the issue if it needed to be addressed. Emphasizing personal freedom among his players, he supported the right to his players individual choices on this issue.

He did, however, warn that choosing to kneel or not could "affect other things" but what he meant in particular is unclear.

Fisher joins the ranks among some other big name coaches who have responded to similar questions this week, most of them supporting the same personal freedoms emphasized above.

In a time of such clear uncertainty for NFL players who choose to kneel in solidarity with Kaepernick's protest, from either being left unsigned or losing their endorsements overnight, it is comforting to hear our own coach defending the right to peacefully protest.

At any rate, the only way we will know if a player is kneeling in the locker room is if someone chooses to speak out, and that has yet to happen for the 'Noles.

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