Young women of Tallahassee describe run-ins with sexual battery suspect Andrew Schluck

This isn’t the first time he’s had a run in with the police

Andrew Schluck, 41, was arrested last week and charged with sexually battering a student after an FSU Alert was sent out with a report that included his picture.

This was not Schluck's first run-in with the authorities. Actually, it was his third time being accused of sexual battery.

The photo of Schluck sent out in the FSU alert

The photo of Schluck sent out in the FSU alert

When students heard of Schluck's arrest, they were quick to say they knew of him. Some even said he had followed them or their friends.

For Tallahassee resident Amanda Ackles, the story was all too familiar. "One night he found my wallet on the ground at the bar in Midtown and messaged me on Facebook so I could get it back, and ever since then he's tried to contact me through Facebook," Ackles said.

"He calls me, follows me around at bars when he sees me, and two weeks ago he tried to get into my Uber with me."

Messages Schluck sent Ackles

Messages Schluck sent Ackles

She isn't the only one who expressed concern. Cassidy Camp, a senior at FSU, said he made her so uncomfortable during her freshman year that she had a neighbor pose as her boyfriend.

"He approached me outside my apartment one night and I gave him my number because he seemed nice and I was new to Tally but then he started hanging around outside my apartment and calling me 20 times in a row at 2AM and leaving me voicemails saying he 'just to wanted to hang out.' He would follow me into work on his bike and come into my job. This didn't stop until I moved, and every time he came into my job I'd just hide and he'd leave without buying anything," Camp said.

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