Marvel released an original comic cover for FSU vs. Alabama and it’s pretty dope

Buff garnet and gold boys might just be better than the Avengers

It's a known fact that Florida State's first football game against the University of Alabama in just eleven days is highly anticipated. Tickets have already been distributed and now many students are selling them for a wickedly high profit with little complaints because everyone wants to be present to witness this incredible game.

All the hullabaloo stems from the 2017 AP Top 25 Poll released last week, in which Alabama was ranked number one for the preseason poll, with FSU following closely behind at number three. Hence, making the prospective game one of the largest opening games in this year's college football season and maybe even history.

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Marvel Comics created a custom comic book cover featuring well-known figures from each college's respective team: Big Al from Alabama and the Garnet and Gold Boys from FSU.

While Marvel's interpretation of both beloved staples of college football look a lot more ferocious than reality, you can clearly feel the intensity of the upcoming game. Objectively speaking, the increased muscle mass is quite riveting and exemplary of how legendary this September 2nd game will be.

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