Best of the FSU ‘Class of’ pages, part 4

Summer edition

The end of the semester came and went with no shortage of meltdowns in Stroz, followed by a blissful slip into our summer vacations with a few tears and a shit ton of shots. Part 3 was pretty good, but we all know summer is everyones favorite time of year. You were quiet for a little while, but you obviously couldn't stay away.

Promoters whose flyers with graphic designs that I can only hope is ironic appeared, lackluster salesman were prominent with their lame sales pitch, and plenty of scammers trying to rope us stupid college kids into a MLM scheme only for the millionth time. In between all of these things though, the students of FSU (and surrounding Tallahassee citizens) unintentionally put out some golden content that leaves us shocked and refreshes the page.

So in honor of the impending semester coming to ruin our summer and undoubtedly a million more screencap-worthy posts, I present part four of the collective brazen neglect of anything resembling shame or dignity.

Jimbo F***ing Fisher

I'm convinced Jimbo Fisher is the president of an entire country named Tallahassee. The fact that worker messed up his order is absolutely a criminal offense that I cannot forgive. On the plus side, Jimbo struck a pose like a pro, this was a great photo op and he knew it. Get your good side Jim.

Spin your way into her heart

Calling all top tier memelords and professional Reddit masters! Can't carry your spinner in your pocket? Take that bad boy everywhere you go to impress the waifus from Tally to Topeka. I honestly don't know how humanity ever survived without fidget spinners, and now we'll never never have to again.

Just your friendly neighborhood drunk girl

Ken's is a magical place, especially around finals. At any given moment you'll hear the sounds of vomiting and crying, and in between that you get irreplaceable college experiences and a hell of a hangover. I have to ask though, what was the class?

No new friends

Horse honey, I am so sorry they compared you to Hershel!!!

But really, the resemblance is uncanny. Sarah Jessica Parker who??? I'm shook.

The art major version of sending a dick pic

You have to give him credit, by doing it this way at least it isn't unsolicited.

Someone tag TPD

I'm not here to tell you how to live your life, but like maybe don't post this to the FB groups??? @TPD do your thing.

I think she went to Build-A-Nightmare

As Emory put it, I literally thought Facebook had become the hub of human trafficking for a quick second. Seriously this is by far the creepiest fucking thing I've ever seen in my life and to whoever bought it from her: may god have mercy on your soul.

This isn't Tinder

These Facebook groups are obviously super serious all of the time, we're better than this guys. This poor girl was just trying to sell some of her old clothes and here goes nothing from a man who shouldn't have access to a keyboard.

Seriously friend, she really isn't interested.

Not judging, just real jealous

I'm not sure I've ever loved anything as much as this girl loves her cat. Matching sweaters and matching caps? Personally I hope she walked her across the stage on a kitty leash to shake John Thrashers hand, too.

Bonus: it actually worked!

Luna looks thrilled tbh

Luna looks thrilled tbh

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