It’s official: Potbelly’s has been voted Florida State’s Best Bar

They won our ultimate March Madness competition

After six weeks of competition, we finally have a winner. Potbelly’s is officially the Best Bar at Florida State University.

If you don’t know, Potbelly’s is one of the most quintessential Florida State bars. They’ve brought us Thursday night Purgatory, Friday afternoon Happy Hour, Fake St. Patricks Day and the best beer garden in Tallahassee, thus solidifying itself as being one of the most beloved places at Florida State.

Potbelly’s beat out Recess, Clyde’s, The Standard, Poor Pauls and the powerhouse Madison Social in the final round to be crowned Florida State’s Best Bar. Earlier this year, they were also voted one of the best and most beloved college bars in America, and we honestly don’t know what an FSU college experience would be like without Pot’s.

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