BREAKING: Starting tonight, Pot’s will be open for 24-hours straight

This is what dreams are made of

As of tonight, Potbelly’s and The Painted Lady will be open for 24-hours straight in celebration of winning the Best Bar in Tallahassee competition, to say thank you to those who voted.

A Potbelly’s spokesperson spoke with The Tab, stating “We’re incredibly excited to have won the Best Bar in Tallahassee competition, and to celebrate we will be open for a 24-hour long rage-a-thon, in celebration of our victory.”

Florida State students are buzzing at Pot’s being open all night, with one stating “Pot’s is everything. Every time I go I never want to leave and now for 24 solid hours, I don’t have to.”

Pot’s is preparing for the night by making team shirts with the words, “check the date” printed on the back.

Check the date. 

Florida State University