How many calories are in your favorite drunk foods around FSU?

As if you didn’t regret your night enough

Eating is probably the best way to end a night out. After your y-bomb filled dance marathon at the Strip, you need some high quality greasy sustenance to hold you over as you stumble your way home. When you’re drunk you don’t really stop to think about how many calories are in that Guth’s box, you’re just drunkenly trying to see how many fries you can fit into your mouth, or double-fisting Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos.  Don’t worry, though, because we’ve got you covered in case you weren’t regretting your night out enough as it is.

Guthrie’s- The Box (1,007 Calories)

Guthrie’s is definitely one of the most popular places for drunk food in Tally. How can you resist perfectly golden fries and chicken fingers? It’s simple and comes in a convenient box that is perfect for eating in the back of your Uber.

  • Fries: 291 calories 
  • Chicken Fingers: 508 calories 
  • Guthrie’s Sauce: 64 calories 
  • Toast: 144 calories 

Gumbys- Medium Original Pokey Stix (1,400 calories)

Coming in at the highest calorie count, Pokey Stix are delicious pizza crust with Mozzarella cheese and buttery garlic. You can dip them in ranch or pizza sauce, but ranch is better, just saying.

This calorie count is for 10 pokey stix.

Whataburger- Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit Meal ( 1,140/ 1,270 Calories)

Whataburger is a Tally favorite when it comes to drunk food. The Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit is the perfect sandwich because it mixes together savory and sweet flavors to create a Southern miracle. Plus, you can get a fries and a chocolate shake on the side for drunk you.

  • Sandwich: 560 calories 
  • Fries: 280 calories 
  • Drink (Classic Coke): 300 calories 
  • Chocolate Shake: 430 calories 

Insomnia Cookies- (1,040 Calories)

Because you can’t just have one cookie… Insomnia Cookies is one of the greatest companies to grace college towns. Cheap cookies delivered on demand until 3 in the morning? Perfect comfort food to order after Bull’s kicks you out at 2 and you’re trying to cope with the night ended. Their menu ranges from basic to deluxe cookies, but they even have ice cream cookie sandwiches. It is heaven in every bite.

  • Chocolate Chip: 250 calories 
  • Deluxe S’mores: 540 calories 
  • Double Chocolate Chunk: 250 calories 

Waffle House- All Star Special (1,240 Calories)

Waffle house. Drunk College kid heaven. There is nothing more satisfying than stumbling in missing a shoe and not being judged as you order 3 separate plates of various breakfast foods. Waffle House is there for you when you couldn’t find anyone to take home. Who need hookups? You have hash browns.

  • Eggs: 380 calories 
  • Hash browns: 190 calories 
  • Sausage: 260 calories 
  • Waffle: 410 calories 

Taco Bell- (1,070 Calories)

Taco Bell is a staple for any college student. It is cheap and it’s delicious. They always somehow find new and inventive meals to sell us, and we aren’t complaining. Word to the wise though, it is the least fun option on the list to puke back up. Pace yourself, buddy.

  • Crunchwrap Supreme: 630 calories 
  • Soft Drink: 22o calories 
  • Chips with Nacho Cheese: 220 calories 
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