The most savage Urban Dictionary entries about Florida State

‘Semenholes, criminoles and residents of TALLY-HO’

Being a part of a university with┬átalent, amazing academics and constant recognition (just to name a few), we get a lot of perks – and a lot of backlash. It’s easy for other universities, e.g. University of Florida, to feel the need to attack our morale from behind their computer screen.

The Tab Florida State has rounded up our favorite collection of FSU-related definitions for your enjoyment.

First of all, there are many people who turned down the University of Florida for Florida State. Not once have we ever heard someone declare that they are “crying themselves to sleep” every day because they didn’t go to Florida. Actually, 72 percent of graduating students receive job offers prior to graduation. And thank you for your sexist comment about how our “10/10 females” are nothing more than “smashable.”

L O L. How do people actually come up with this stuff? Are these actual terms that people use to offend us? Florida State students don’t even have enough time in their day to sit down and breathe, let alone just sit there and come up with stupid, degrading terms about how much Florida sucks.

Wow, another sexist comment about how women are only viewed for sexual purposes. It’s hard for students to think about themselves as UF rejects when they are just constantly stating how happy they are they didn’t decide to go there. Again, decide, because so many students that go to FSU decided not to go to UF. Why would we want to go to a university that calls themselves “The Swamp?” It’s also probably pretty lousy, especially when so many students (UM included) love spending their time here.

Florida State is actually one of seven leading universities in the nation, and hailed as a Diversity Champion. Whoever created this entry also really needs help with grammar and spelling. Do they not teach them any of this in other schools? Also, Tallahassee*.

How is it even possible for us to be drunk 24/7? If it is true, I guess that we all go to our classes, jobs, internships, organization meetings, create policies, enact change and are revolutionizing while plastered. I guess we’re just that good. We are successful, even if we are inebriated.

ALSO, “C+ football team?” How dated is this entry? Last I checked, we were top eight in the nation, and the only Florida university in the top 10.

This is the only entry I can stand behind. It’s great to be a Florida State Seminole!

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