FSU’s craziest Uber stories from drivers and their passengers

Uber drivers get honest

We’ve all asked an Uber driver about their craziest stories or how much they make on game days. More often than not, we get crazier answers than we could have ever expected. We’ve rounded up our favorite Uber and passenger stories to bring you laughs, chills and make you think twice about calling one up in the future.¬†Who knew ordering an Uber could result in the craziest night of your life?

Uber Drivers

Mike, Junior, International Affairs Major

“I picked up the creator of Ned’s Declassified and Zoey 101 one day on an airport run in Miami, and he told me Zoey’s real life pregnancy messed the timing of the show, but wouldn’t tell me what was in the time vault that Chase dug up on the show.”

Nick, Junior, English

“I still can’t get over how gross this is. I had a girl straight up pee in my car one time. I always thought someone throwing up in your car would be the worst thing that could happen, but nope, this definitely beat it. What made it 10x worse was that it was a game day, which means I could have made a solid $400 or $500 that day, but since she peed in my car I had to stop driving for the day.”

Edmond, Senior, Communications Major

“So when I tell you this couple I picked up was wasted, I mean they were absolutely trashed. I knew it was a mistake letting them in my car, but I really needed the money so I let them on anyways. No joke, 5 minutes into the ride the girl was completely topless and straddling the guy. I didn’t even want to turn around so while I’m looking straight ahead I was like, ‘Woah, can you guys please not do that in my car? Please get dressed!’ They both completely ignored me and kept on doing their thing. I got pissed so I pulled over and made them get out. There’s no way I was letting that happen in my car.”

Anonymous Driver

“Uber drivers don’t get paid enough for the shit they have to deal with. I’ve had 6 different people throw up in my car in the two months I’ve been an Uber driver. On a regular night, I might make like $100 maybe, which definitely isn’t worth dealing with all that vomit. The only time I really drive now is during game days because Uber drivers make a lot of cash. During the Clemson game last season I made $540!”

Uber Passengers

Christina, Junior, Sociology Major

“I decided I wanted to take an Uber out to a Halloween party instead of driving, but wow was that a mistake. The driver kept on driving me towards the wrong direction, and even though I continued to tell him where I wanted to go was in the other direction, he continued driving and completely ignored me. As if that wasn’t scary enough, the driver suddenly got really aggressive and started demanding that I pay him for the ride, but he wouldn’t actually pull over or end the trip so that the app would just go ahead and pay him for the ride, meanwhile, he is still is driving in the completely wrong direction. Eventually, we got to a safe speed and I decided to jump out because I just had a really awful feeling about this guy. So I jump out, he pulls over, and starts chasing me with a taser! I was so terrified I jumped in a complete strangers car just to get away from that guy. I seriously had my own mini horror story that night.”

Karrisa, FSU graduate, Sports Management

“I had an Uber driver tell me that he was running for president and that I better vote for him. He told he he was going to be a write in and that he knows a whole lot about the economy. The guy whipped out a business card and handed it to me and kept insisting that I write him in when I went to vote. I obviously told him I would vote for him, but I didn’t. Looking back, I sorta wish I did to be honest.”

Richie, Junior, Music Major

“I was with a girl I had been seeing and she was very un-sober. She left her wallet in the uber, and it was one of those wallets that are attached to the owner’s car key so it was pretty valuable. The next morning when she realizes she fucked up, she tries calling the clubs she was at to no avail and she ends up giving up on finding it. However, two days afterwards, I get an email from Uber reporting they found an item I might have left behind, which was most definitely her wallet. I tried contacting the driver with the phone they provided me, but he wouldn’t answer and his voice mail told me I was calling “Vance Refrigeration” (that’s a reference from the Office, I guess). Oddly enough, when I try to call the wallet owner, she tells me the driver had already delivered it, and they had stolen everything in the wallet but had given the keys back. However, he had contacted her instead of me, through Facebook. This means he decided to keep her drivers license and FSU ID for some weird reason, because there was no other way he could’ve known her entire name. On top of that, she didn’t even tell him where she lived and he showed up at her complex to return the keys. Seriously could not be any creepier.”

To all you Uber drivers and passengers, make sure that no one pees in your car or chases after you with a taser. These stories prove that sometimes it’s better to just walk.

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