FSU is much more than just a football school, and here’s why

There are a thousand other things we have going for us

Once football season is over and the spring semester starts, many believe that life at Florida State falls quiet. While rallying around our football team is a huge part of campus culture, it isn’t the only thing we have to offer. Florida State’s academics, student body, philanthropic activity, and 17 other sports teams also enrich our campus immensely.

Florida State has nationally ranked academics

FSU’s academics are to thank for our universally known student success. Offering more than 100 different majors, Florida State has been ranked numerous times for excellence in its different colleges, majors and programs. The College of Criminology and Criminal Justice is number one in the nation, while FSU is ranked 2nd for its competitive medical school and the BFA in Acting is top five nationally — and that’s just to name a few.

The plethora of faculty members that are world-renowned is more proof that FSU students are receiving a quality education from a university that allows safe spaces and discussions to be considered the norm.

Our number of ranked sports teams

Florida State is definitely not just a football school. Since our admittance into the ACC, FSU has had 75 ACC Championships in 14 different sports. Currently, our basketball team is 19th in the nation, our baseball is 3rd in the nation, women’s basketball is 11th and our women’s softball team is 1st. Our women’s soccer and volleyball teams have also been ranked in the top 25 and had National Championships in years past.

Florida State has record breaking turn out at all of our sporting events, and the school spirit travels far beyond just our football games. FSU students are excited to attend a school whose athletics reign throughout the entire school year, and not for just the fall semester.

The always- active student body

There is nothing like the students at Florida State. We aren’t some of the most sleep deprived students in the nation for no reason — we work really hard. A majority of the students have a second major or at least a minor, in addition to jobs, internships, campus organizations and are fully immersed in the college experience.

There wouldn’t be school spirit if we didn’t have a great, diverse set of students that we could be proud of. FSU has been named one of the seven Diversity Champion universities in the nation. As a university, we’re constantly striving for equality and inclusion. We merge together to start movements on campus, advocate for inclusion and raise money for charities — Florida State students are some of the most heavily involved out there.

Amazing student organizations

Florida State has over 816 organizations that pertain to different interests, majors and philanthropies. There are a number of organizations that offer students amazing opportunities. The FSU Advertising Club sets up advertising agency tours for their members in cities like New York and Chicago every semester. These organizations help their members engage in their prospective career fields, and interact with other students who hold similar interests.

FSU is also very well known for its active Greek life that houses 29 fraternities and 26 sororities. Within those numbers there are also 18 multicultural Greek organizations, and these organizations are all active in fundraising for charity on and off of campus.

The philanthropy

Between the philanthropy events through Greek life and FSU’s organizations, the university’s biggest events, Dance Marathon and Relay for Life, are top earners in the nation in comparison to other universities. Every year, the students in these organizations exceed the previous years fundraising expectations to earn money for their respective charities.

The 2017 Dance Marathon raised over $1.8 million to go towards the Children’s Miracle Network and the 2016 Relay for life raised over $315k for the American Cancer Society, making them third in the nation. While these are the largest events at Florida State, it does not end with them. There are hundreds of student organizations dedicated to giving back to local and national communities.

It’s easy to say the only good aspect about Florida State is our football, but the truth is that being a Seminole has never only been defined by one sport. Although we love all of our sports teams, football included, there are a number of great things about FSU that exceed every new ‘Noles expectation. We attend a school that is rich in diversity and well-rounded on all fronts, from football to our majors and giving back to the community.

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