President Thrasher once again restores our faith in humanity with his address to transgender students

‘This federal action has no impact on FSU’s commitment to support and protect transgender people on our campuses’

On Wednesday, February 22nd, the Trump administration withdrew federal protection for transgender students in public schools across the nation. To the hundreds of thousands of transgender youth in America, this development was a step back in the fight for their basic human rights.

In response, on February 24th President Thrasher released a statement on transgender inclusion on campus. The statement is as follows:

“Florida State University is a nationally recognized leader in diversity and inclusion.  We got there by committing to make our campuses welcoming to everyone.  Diversity of backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints strengthens the intellectual life of our institution.  The more our community reflects the world around us, the more academically innovative we are and the better leaders we will produce.  Our transgender colleagues, students, staff, and visitors are a valued contribution to that mix.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Education rescinded its guidance relating to treatment of transgender students in schools.  This federal action has no impact on FSU’s commitment to support and protect transgender people on our campuses.  Gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation are all protected under the university’s Non-Discrimination Policy.  All members of our community are free to use a restroom that aligns with their gender identity.

FSU has an established network of support and compliance that works to ensure our community fosters safety and respect.  These campus partners work to maintain an environment free from discrimination and harassment, while promoting a culturally diverse and inclusive work and educational environment where students, faculty, and staff are treated fairly and recognized for their individuality.

Our commitment to this work will not be deterred and our efforts to ensure diversity and inclusion will continue.  This work is so integral to our mission that we have made it a goal within Florida State’s current Strategic Plan.  Teams across campus are currently working on the implementation of this goal.  I am excited about this work and committed to seeing it to fruition.

Again, I want to assure transgender members of the campus community of our unwavering support for you.  As I have previously stated, we need to support each other in the days and years ahead and make sure everyone on campus is able to teach, learn, and grow in an atmosphere of civility and safety.  Civility and mutual respect are the hallmarks of our culture and will continue to be so.”

President Thrasher has once again reminded us that being part of the Seminole family at Florida State must include all Seminoles. If we want to continue to be the greatest university in the word, diversity, inclusion and granting basic, fundamental human rights for all matters.

Florida State University