A look at how many alcohol offenses occurred around your favorite Tallahassee bars

There were 216 alcohol offenses in 2016

Your friends forced you to come out tonight. They said that they would make sure you had a good time if you stepped foot into your favorite Tally bar for two seconds. The place is packed with cops, and you can’t even think about what would happen if you were given an alcohol offense.

According to FSUPD’s daily police logs, there were 216 alcohol offenses around FSU in 2016 and almost all of them are within walking distance to your favorite Tallahassee bars. We sorted the offenses based on their proximity to each bar, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the offenses happened inside or outside of them. For example, a lot of the offenses occurred on the same street as certain bars, but not in the bars themselves.

Will this knowledge change how you think about going out in Tallynasty? Probably not.

Clydes/Standard area: 6 offenses

There were six alcohol offenses reported outside the area of Clydes and Standard last year. As you are bar hopping from ‘Derd to Clyde’s and vice versa, there is not really as big of a cop presence as you once considered. It’s actually more likely that you’ll get caught walking from this area to Pot’s than you will actually standing outside of any of these bars.

Recess/MadSo area: 19 offenses

For all the bars and clubs that are on Madison Ave, you would think the amount of alcohol offenses that occur here would have been much higher than 19. In reality, as Collegetown is the more “mature” area for the bars, it’s hard to believe that anyone who is stepping foot outside of these areas is younger than 21. So, there’s a big chance someone outside of MadSo got too rowdy from Sunday Brunch mimosas, or the cops spot you while you wait in line at Recess.

Heritage Grove: 30 offenses

Sure, Heritage is not a bar or a club, but it is home to many tailgates, pre-games and frat parties. It is surprising that for a location that is officially an FSUPD substation, it only has 30 alcohol offenses. The home to the biggest frat house in America actually has a significant (but surprisingly small) percentage of these offenses. Frats know that if their party goers are getting arrested, it wouldn’t be considered such a lit time. Don’t underestimate your frat bros.

The Strip area: 58 offenses

A majority of these 58 offenses happened either around Degraff or in front of McDonalds. A word of advice: don’t be a dumb freshman and don’t get McDonald’s disgustingly wasted. You will get something put on your record, and do you really want to explain to your parents that it happened in front of a strip mall filled with bars that no one really likes going to anyway? A lot of these offenses also happened in groups. So if your friends are being stupid and a cop stops you guys, chances are you’re getting screwed too.

Pot’s area: 95 offenses

Now, as mentioned before, with the small number of offenses that happened in the Clyde’s and Standard area, a lot of these offenses could have happened while someone was on their way to Pot’s or on their way to Clyde’s or ‘Derd. The reason that Pot’s got the biggest number is because, sadly, they all happened closest in proximity to Pot’s than they did for the other ones.

Other locations that made up the list but weren’t in the proximity of any clubs or bars were: Legacy Walk (1), The Union (3), Spirit Way garage (1) and the Pensacola Street Tunnel (3).

In reality, 208 alcohol offenses in a year is nothing compared to the amount of craziness that happens every weekend around FSU. Drink responsibly, my friends. You don’t want to be one of the unlucky ones in 2017.

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