Kappa Alpha fraternity is under investigation following harassment allegations

There are claims that one of the families that KA targeted are refugees

An FSU doctoral student, Thomas Greene, told the Tallahassee Democrat that he witnessed members of the Kappa Alpha fraternity verbally harass two families.

This was during the protest against President Trump’s Muslim ban held Saturday. It is alleged that as the two families passed the KA house on College Ave, the fraternity members started shouting “Build a Wall” and with their fists in the air, “Durka, Durka, Durka.”

There were men and women in front of the fraternity house during the ordeal and appear to have been possibly playing beer pong.

He told The Democrat, that the families that were involved in the altercation did not make contact with any KA members. The young children who were once playing with one another, stopped during the ordeal.

Greene and his wife started a conversation with the two families after they had passed the house, and they learned that one of the families were refugees.

When they arrived home, Greene and his wife, posted on KA’s Facebook page and sent emails to both the Interfraternity Council at FSU and to Kappa Alpha nationals. They instantly received a response from the assistant executive director for advancement, Jessie Lyons,  from the national office.

Monday morning, Greene also heard from the director of fraternity and sorority life at FSU, Chris Graham. He announced that FSU and KA’s national offices were investigating this incident. 

The Tab FSU has reached out to Thomas Greene for further comment on this ordeal.

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