History teacher Pam Robbins might be the best professor at FSU

Do yourself a favor and please take a class with her

For those of us that totally depend on Rate My Professor when it comes to picking classes, we know how important it is to find a professor with a high overall quality rating. Among the hundreds of FSU professors on Rate My Professor, one of the highest rated professors is none other than history teacher Pam Robbins with a 4.7 out of 5. This past semester I had the pleasure of taking a class with Professor Robbins, and she quickly became the best professor I’ve ever had.

Since the first day of class, her witty and sarcastic jokes made the class laugh nonstop. Between constantly telling us to marry for money, to telling us the story of how she paid for her husband, it was never a boring day in her class.


FSU Junior Claire Fleitz said, “I took a protest music E-Series with her one semester and when she asked us why we took the class, I said, ‘I don’t care what you teach, I’m taking this class because you’re teaching it.’ She is just so damn funny. She would always joke about how she had accomplished so much in her life, but that her family was still more proud that she had a flaming pepper next to her name on Rate My Professor and didn’t care about the rest of her accomplishments. She is 100% my favorite professor ever.”

Not only did she manage to always make her class entertaining and engaging, but she also managed to make a topic like immigration, something that a lot of students would find pretty boring, incredibly interesting.


FSU Junior Nova Burke said, “I think a big part of why I enjoyed her class on American immigration so much was her complete mastery of the subject. Taking the class felt like she was helping me unearth an entirely new history of the U.S. that the public school system had been covering up my entire educational career so far. I remember one day in class she even said something along the lines of, ‘You’re going to keep thinking that I’m lying to you because you’ve been lied to by history books for so long.’ I would without a doubt recommend her to every student at FSU.”

When I reached out to Professor Robbins and asked how she felt about being one of the highest rated professors on FSU’s Rate My Professor, she said, “I am always so honored and humbled that people react to me and the way I teach History the way they do. I always thought of History as gossip about dead people, and who doesn’t like to gossip? I also think with such a heavy topic (immigration and race) you have to find a way to not make it so morbid and making fun of yourself and linking past problems to today always helps students get more involved. I also just love my job and love my students.”

We love you too, Professor Robbins.

Florida State University