Steps to a perfect Florida State game day

If you don’t Seminole chop, are you even an FSU fan?

Game day is pivotal part of Florida State University’s culture. With traditions grounded deep in our roots and an iconic team to go with it, it is no wonder that Tally game days are the best game days. Whether it is your first game day or fiftieth, there is a certain checklist that all Noles must go through before they can fulfill a proper Florida State game day experience.

Light the flame

Chief Osecola and Renegade guard our beloved Doak Campbell 365 days a year, but the day before our tribe goes to battle, the spear head flame is lit. Rain or Shine, dust or dawn, the flame burns on as Tallahassee winds up game day.

Bang the big drum

Behind every great Warchant is rock stead beat leading the crowd. 24 hours before kick off, the Big Drum begins beating and can be heard echoing through campus. Fans are welcome to stop by, take a picture, and bang to the beat of the drum all in anticipation for the mighty Seminole tribe.

Tailgate all day

True Nole fans don’t care if the game is at noon or 8pm, you can definitely find crowds tailgating at the crack of dawn. It’s an all day affair, with many ups and downs, in and out of sobriety, and a parade around town. Tailgaters cover every inch of Doak, Hertiage, and Collegetown all getting ready for the big game while they play their own drinking games. Our team shows off at the game, fans show off at the pregame.

Make the pilgrimage to Doak

Fans come from far and wide to watch the Noles play in famous Doak Campbell Stadium. For many Nole fans, Doak is home. It had history and to some it’s a holy place. So whether you are walking down the rape trail from Heritage or walking a mile from your apartment because you don’t want to bother with parking, people are going to appear from every angle to the new and improved Doak Campbell stadium.

Chop till you drop

Did you really go to an FSU game if you didn’t chop?? In reality, you don’t even need to be at the game to chop. Every bar and tailgate plays the war song and if you don’t stop to extend your elbow, are you even a Seminole fan?? The chop is the symbol of Florida State culture. It is the unifying motion that immediately turns drunk strangers into unified besties. The best fans will still get emotional when our boys are down and then all of a sudden a large army of chops flood the stadium as a sign to our team that we will always be behind them.

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