Florida State fined $20,000 by ACC for Fisher’s postgame comments

The Atlantic Coast Conference responds to Jimbo Fisher’s comments regarding officials’ calls during the game

During Saturday night’s fierce football game between Clemson and FSU, Florida State Football coach, Jimbo Fisher, objected to, and was unhappy about multiple calls made by the game officials. In a postgame conference, Fisher made his dissatisfaction with the outcome of the game clear.

Although Fisher disagreed with many of the calls made by the referees, he had a problem with one crucial call. Fullback Freddie Stevenson’s block during the fourth quarter of the game was deemed as a chop-block,  an illegal play made by offensive players in order to block a defensive player, by officials. What was seen as an illegal move by officials was seen as a standard block by Fisher.

Stevenson’s chop-block invalidated running back, Dalvin Cook’s 60-yard run. A run that could have resulted in a win for Florida State against their rivals, Clemson, a higher ranking in the league, and a step closer to the Heisman.

During the postgame conference, Fisher described the call as “garbage” and demands that the ACC “hold the officials accountable“.

In response, the ACC  released an email containing a statement pertaining to Fisher’s comments. According to the ACC, Fisher was in direct violation of the ACC Sportsmanship Policy for speaking out and Florida State University was fined $20,000.

Florida State University