Walker Hall sign uprooted again, some suspecting foul play

No other signs in the surrounding area were affected

US News and World Report’s university rankings are out and it’s great to be a Florida Gator

Still better than FSU

UF campus before and after Irma’s destruction

The University of Florida was spared from the most devastating parts of Irma, but there was still some heavy damage

Streetlights off on University Ave and 13th Street

Not just at the intersection, but further down the road and Midtown

Dennis is throwing a hurricane party

He’s promoting it on the corner of University Avenue, across the street from UF.

How to beat the water shortage with fruits and alcohol

Can’t find cheap water? Get beer and watermelons.

UF campus closed through Monday due to Hurricane Irma


UF football ranks 17th despite beating two of the top four teams last season

The AP Top 25 poll came out putting FSU in fourth and UF in 17th.

Plan your night out and we’ll tell you which iconic UF campus celebrity you are

Tag yourself I’m the Turlington potato

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the things you could buy with UF president Kent Fuchs’s salary

I guess he really is a daddy

Remember the increase in Bright Futures that you thought was too good to be true? Well, it is

Governor Rick Scott vetoed the bill meant to boost Bright Futures permanently

Women’s March ‘seeds of resistance’ mural defaced, male commenters run riot

Commenters resorted to Holocaust jokes

Library West has become the ultimate living quarters

You can even exercise on a study cycle

A definitive guide to waiting to text someone back: Is it petty, or necessary?

Make them suffer, obviously

UF Students Rank 8th for hours spent studying for finals

FSU students study for less than 6.6 hours a day

The best reactions to the torrential rain in Gainesville

Class isn’t cancelled even if you have to swim to it