Six last minute Halloween costumes that are perfect for UF students

Impress your friends with costumes that you can make with things from your own wardrobe!

Halloween has made its way through the hallow halls of UF. You know what that means: jack-o'-lanterns, horror movie marathons and enough candy to re-gain your freshman 15. Unfortunately, that means shelling out your hard-earned Bright Futures money on a costume you may never wear again. But have no fear, Gators. We have the perfect costumes that will save you money and let you rest easy while you study for midterms.

1. President W. Kent Fuchs


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Gentlemen, do you have a white button-down shirt, khakis and an orange or blue tie? You do? Just add some thin round-framed glasses and you got the style of UF's preeminent president! Feel free to add a blazer for good measure.

2. Smith Meyers

If you don't have the glasses but still want to look presidential, look no further. Swap the white shirt for blue, and replace the khakis with grey slacks and a jacket before adding a checkered tie to your ensemble. Don't forget that gilded Gator pin from convocation you never wear. If this is too much, feel free to wear your favorite Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts and a drunkenly stoic mug. Don't forget to push over some scooters for good measure.

3. A frat guy or sorority girl

If you are already in a Greek organization, just come as you are. If not, dress in your flashiest designer clothes. For gentlemen, you could do khaki shorts, any pastel-colored button down with an optional bow-tie or Ray Bans. Don't forget the Sperrys. For the ladies, find your best looking dress from Lily Pulitzer with eight-inch heels, pearls and a matching handbag. People will wonder if you got a bid from Sigma Apple Pie because you're just that stylish.

4. Dennis

What if you don't have a lot of dressy clothes? You can still stand out! Just grab a midriff-bearing sleeveless tee, bright-colored athletic booty shorts and white sneakers for a costume that could just get you arrested for trespassing on campus. Be sure to bring your killer dance moves and brassy charisma with you.

5. Florida Cicerone

Simple, understated, yet still distinguished. Just grab a white polo, some clean-looking khaki shorts and a pair of white sneakers or brown loafers. Safety pin a paper cutout of the Cicerone logo to the right side of your chest, and you'll be ready to take your fellow party guests on the longest tour of their lives.

6. FSU Seminole

First Fca huddle was a success😁 #biggestfans #fsu #nolenation

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What do Gators and Seminoles have in common? We both got into FSU! If that is the case, you must have some garnet and gold lined up in your closet, covered with dust and cobwebs. Take it out, practice your war chant and denounce your Gator identity for the night.

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